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The most versatile, all encompassing charter fishing boat of choice when South Florida fishing is the outboard engine offshore center console. The Delphs use a variety of fishing charter boat center consoles being updated almost every other year. Their charter fishing boats epitomize state of the art when it comes to these offshore fishing machines. Some of the best of today's electronics are field tested in their boats before they ever hit the sales floor. They have a combination of twin and triple engine deep sea fishing boat packages that push the limits of what one would expect to see in a center console. For the ladies, our boats do have bathrooms and shade. For light tackle fishing Key West FL to the Dry Tortugas National Park. 

For getting up in the skinny water of the flats and backcountry, the Delphs use several flats skiffs. These skiffs are perfect for any flats fishing charter, whether it be a Bonefish charter or Permit and Tarpon fishing Keys FL. These backcountry fishing charter boats have iceboxes for food and drink, and above deck live baitwells. They seat between 2 and 3 anglers, plus the flats fishing guide.


Types Of Fishing

From piles of ballast stone left from early 1600's Spanish Galleon ship wrecks like the Atocha, to WWII target ships, now sitting just below the pristine aquamarine waters surrounding the Marquesas. This is an environment strewn with undersea wreckage and artificial reefs of the Keys FL that can be fished from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park. It has become a true fisherman's paradise and a Key fishing charter of the most productive kind.

The wrecks on the Atlantic side of Key West fishing are usually from 100' to 300' or more in depth. Fishing the surface around them often produces Kingfish, Wahoo, Tuna, Little Tunny, Barracuda, Sailfish, Grouper fishing and a variety of other game fish. Charter boats Key West will often anchor and chum with live pilchards (see Blue Water fishing). While fishing the surface for pelagic species, we will drop baits or jigs to the bottom where Amberjacks, Jack Crevalle, African Pompano, Grouper and Snapper reside. This makes for a mixed bag, and it is common to take 10 or more different species in a single day.

Fishing Wrecks, Fishing Shipwrecks, Deep Sea and Bottom Fishing, Artificial Reef

The shallow water wrecks provide fishing not found anywhere else in Florida. The wrecks create an artificial reef system. The fish are sometimes lured to the surface with live baits and teased into a frenzy where an artificial lure may be placed in front of the very fish that you choose. This technique has produced several world record Amberjacks, Barracudas and Cobia over the years. This is a highly visual and exciting type of Key West deep sea fishing charters, particularly on light tackle. In other popular fishing locations, it's unlikely to see what you're fishing for when it comes to bottom fishing Grouper and bottom fishing Snapper.

Wreck fishing Key West, using both live and dead chum, will produce action that will thrill both the professional and the novice angler. Often you will see schools of Jacks and Permit that number in the hundreds and even the thousands of fish. Cobia, Amberjacks, Barracudas, Sharks, skyrocketing King Mackerel and the ever present bottom dwellers are perfect for bottom fishing charters. These are all a part of the experience on a wreck fishing charter in South Florida on a Delph Charter boat Key West FL.

Reef Fishing Charters Key West FL provides some of the best bottom action to be found in the United States. The Florida Keys are home to the third largest living reef in the world. Saltwater offshore fishing here yields a variety of bottom dwellers as well as the many pelagic species that visit the face of the sharp drops. Black, Gag, Red, Yellowfin, Scamp, and Yellowmouth Grouper as well as Yellowtail, Mutton, Cubera, and Red snapper are prime targets of dedicated wreck fishing charters.

Dr. Steve Lawyer recently landed a 91# black grouper on 20# test line while bottom fishing grouper with fishing guide Ralph Delph. While Key West Deep Sea Fishing, Martin Arostegui boated a 42 1/2# gag grouper on 10# test line using a bucktail jig for bait. Grouper from 20# to 50# are common, and using twenty pound test tackle or less gives you real bragging rites. You are sure to lose your fair share, but that's why they call it "Sport Fishing".

Reef Fishing Charters, Bottom Fishing, Offshore, Deep Sea Fishing

Mutton snapper from 10# to 15# are common while bottom fishing snapper and are fine table fare. Muttons over 20# aren't out of the norm. Red snapper, though not as common as the mutton snapper, grow to over 50#, however if your light tackle fishing Key West, a 30# red snapper will draw admiration from even the most experienced pro. While South Florida fishing, we have been pioneering some Key West fishing techniques that we think will revolutionize bottom fishing as it is known today. It has proven deadly over the past several years, and we feel that it will become a standard for bottom fishing charters or reef fishing charters from Nova Scotia to Mexico.

Only a few Key fishing charter boats in this area will consistently produce quality snapper and grouper fishing, and of those, even fewer will use light tackle. I say this only to encourage the conservation of a limited resource found here while fishing the Keys FL. After all, there is little sport involved in hunting rabbits with an elephant gun. If you would like a real challenge and want to try something old and something new, as well as some of the best eating fish you will ever have, then try "Reef Fishing" in Key West Florida and the Dry Tortugas Nation Park. 

Many people have missed the opportunity to partake of Saltwater Fly Fishing, one of the most enjoyable and gratifying forms of light tackle fishing Key West to the Dry Tortugas that is available today. Either due to the lack of equipment or opportunity, they have never learned to take up the fly fishing rod. After seeing an expert fly fishing guide lay an 80' cast into a tea cup or watching a fly fishing travel video of a pro fighting a 150# Tarpon, perhaps they are justified by the intimidation that they feel.

This should not be the case. A quick fly fishing lesson; there are two aspects to the fly fishing rod. One is fly casting; something that one does not become proficient with overnight. Perfecting a fly cast only comes with practice, practice, and more practice. If never pick up the rod, you will never get to practice. So what incentive do you have to pick up the rod? It must be enjoyable. Thereby comes aspect number two; fly fishing.

Fishing the Keys FL, you do not have to be a fly caster to be a fly fisherman. Some good fly casters couldn't catch a fish with a purse seine, and by the same token, the best fly fishing guide may find it difficult to get the fly out of the boat.

Fly Fishing Florida Keys, Tarpon Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing for Permit, Bonefish Fly Fishing, Tuna Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing for Sharks

Catching fish and having fun while charter fishing Key West are synonymous with one another, so if you can catch fish with a fly rod then you will have the opportunity to practice while you are having fun on fly fishing trips.

A fly fishing charter is an excellent opportunity for the total novice to catch fish on the fly rod, and fishing Key West is the best place to do it. With the techniques that we use in Bluewater fly fishing and on wreck fishing charters, it is often a difficult task to get the fly out of the water before a fish grabs it.

Tarpon fly fishing, the chance for the novice angler to fight fish the first time they pick up a fly rod is one of the greatest incentives that I know of to get them to pick it up again and again. Many of the best South Florida fishing fly casters of the day got their start this way. There is no substitute for experience. The next time that you come to Key West FL, don't let the opportunity pass you by. Try some "Fly Fishing" on a Key fishing charter.

When we say, "go fly a kite" down here, we mean Keys fishing with kites. Kite fishing is a very interesting and productive style of saltwater sport fishing. Several types of kites are available on the market today. Aftco makes an all weather kite that dries quickly, which comes in very handy if your kite should take a plunge or if rain should get it wet. A wet kite is hard to keep in the air, and can be an exasperating ordeal to try to get aloft. This kite also has interchangeable cross members so that it will stay aloft in near calm or very high wind conditions. Another South Florida fishing favorite is the Bob Lewis kite. This is a fabric kite and is a standard for many Key West deep sea fishing charters. The latter usually have at least three different kites on board for various wind conditions, i.e., light, medium, and heavy.

Kite Fishing Charter, Deep Sea Fishing, Blue Water Fishing, Ocean Fishing, Reef Fishing, Wreck Fishing

Live bait fishing is most common, charter fishing Key West, although dead flying fish and ballyhoo can be very productive on sailfish charters under some conditions. A live goggle eye, blue runner, or threadfin herring is the bait of choice while pelagic fishing. The bait is attached to the hook and is suspended below the kite where it may be used in several ways. When the fish of choice for your key fishing charter comes along, you may let them eat the bait at that time and catch that particular fish. You may also choose to pass on that fish and take another. You may also decide to tease that particular fish and cast to it with a fly or other artificial lure, on Tuna fishing charters for example.

Another technique that works well on Dolphin charters is raising the bait out of the water and lowering it again, causing the fish to go into a frenzy. This is an exciting and highly visual display that allows you to pick and choose your quarry.

Kites are usually practiced in blue water fishing, however it is often employed while reef fishing or on wreck fishing charters. It is a very productive way of fishing the Keys from Key West to the Dry Tortugas National Park, so come on down and let's "go fly a kite".

Only a very few years ago, an angler desirous of catching a swordfish would have dedicated most of an entire night floating around, dodging freighters and nodding off, hoping for just one hook up on this elusive member of the billfish family. More often than not, the only tale to tell would be that of fighting a big fish for an hour or more only to find out that it was a shark.

Today's Key West deep sea fishing charters have a far more exciting tale to tell. The typical Swordfishing charters are as follows: We leave Key West FL and proceed to the areas that we have found most active for this great game fish. We lower the bait, usually a large squid, sometimes to depths over two thousand feet in the indigo blue waters of the Gulf Stream. We use electric saltwater fishing reels in case there is no bite. The electric reel saves time and the arm while retrieving the empty hook when the bait is lost. Daiwa electric reels have a handle, just as a conventional reel does. This allows one to fight the fish in a conventional, sportsman like manner rather than leaving the rod in the rod holder and just pushing a button. We often use tackle with lines of thirty pound test for those interested in light tackle charter fishing Key West for these tackle busters. Our success ratio remains very high, even with fish topping the 200 pound class. We also offer heavier lines to those interested in just taking their first swordfish.

Daytime Swordfishing, Swordfishing Charters, Deep Sea Charter Fishing, Fishing Charters Deep Sea

It is common to get a strike on the way down, however if that does not occur, the wait is seldom more than ten minutes. With a Delph fishing guide, this day time blue water fishing method for Swordfish accounts for the capture of three to five fish per day. This is unheard of in any other part of the world. Indeed, Key West fishing trips for this no longer reclusive game fish has elevated sport fishing to a new level. Fishing the Keys, one can expect to go offshore for the possibility of catching a Swordfish and still have time for other great fishing such as Dolphin, Marlin fishing, Tuna fishing charters, Pelagic fishing, Mako Shark fishing, Sailfish as well as many others of the near 40 species of game fish that frequent this area. Did I forget to mention, that this is Daytime Swordfishing?

Come fish the Florida Keys FL and the Dry Tortugas National Park on Delph Fishing Charter Boats Key West.

When one thinks of Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys, they often conjure up thoughts of poling across emerald green flats with the hot summer sun burning over their head. Pods of silver Tarpon are cruising over endless stretches of white sand, some charging a well presented fly and leaping higher than the head of an excited angler on the bow of a gleaming flats skiff.

Although this type of fishing has been a very large part of our lives in the Keys FL, with many Tarpon Fly Fishing Tournaments to our credit, it is not limited to the “experts only”. Indeed, led by Tarpon fishing guides, inexperienced and novice anglers hooked, fought, and landed more fish each year than the experts.

The best Tarpon fishing charters are found around early March, sometimes before, seldom later. The Silver King (Megalops Atlantics) makes its annual appearance in Key West Harbor and surrounding waters. Even the early fish, that normally are slow to eat a fly, are eager to gorge themselves on chum and live bait in the deeper waters off Key West FL. Hooking this great game fish becomes much easier than catching it, as many as 20 or more hook ups are normal on a Tarpon fishing charter. A Tarpon fishing guide will tell you that catching, or bringing one boat side can be a different story as this fish leaps, falls back into the water with gill rattling crashes and boars for the depths; only to race for the surface to repeat the process. Tarpon fishing Florida Keys, it is seldom indeed that even the most novice of Delph Fishing clients returns to the dock without a scale and photographs to verify their exciting tales of the day. Most Tarpon fishing trips take place within the sights and sounds of nearby Key West. Sheltered waters mean that the wife and kids will not be sea sick and with waterside restaurants abundant around Key West Harbor, a great onshore lunch may be had during the slack tide. This allows the arms a rest for an hour or so, before going back to do battle for the rest of the day.

Tarpon Fly Fishing, Tarpon Fishing Guides, Tarpon Fishing Key West, Tarpon Fishing Trips

A bonus that comes with this style of inshore fishing on Tarpon fishing boats is the variety of other species that are frequently caught saltwater fishing. Giant Cobia, Permit, Jack Crevalle, Kingfish and others are all common in and around the harbor. Many of the afore mentioned species are of world record caliber and are often a pleasant surprise when Tarpon fishing Key West.

When one thinks of Blue Water deep sea charter fishing they usually visualize sitting in the back of a boat and trolling until something suddenly strikes the bait, then reeling the fish to the boat. You might have heard of the term, "Hours of boredom interrupted by brief periods of pandemonium." This is not the case with "Blue Water Fishing" Key West FL style.

When the pandemonium starts, it is continuous. This is some of the most visual and exciting big game fishing in the world. This style evolved in this area during the mid '60s to early '70s, when light tackle fishing Key West and the Dry Tortugas was being pioneered by a few fishing enthusiasts that have become Keys FL icons in the industry today. Though chumming with live bait dates back far beyond anything that I can remember, it has been projected to a level of science today.

The day of Bluewater Sportfishing begins by locating the schools of pilchards. Pilchards are a small member of the herring family and are the popcorn of many of the pelagic fishing species. We use a 12 _' (25' spread) cast net to collect upwards of a thousand pilchards and then head offshore. Our charter boats Key West bait wells are designed to keep these baits alive for days. When we reach the blue water, it becomes a matter of preference whether we anchor or drift. Sometimes a chum line is desirable and sometimes not. We begin by throwing a small number of pilchards into the pristine water. Every 30 seconds, another 6 or 8 pilchards go into the water.

Fishing Charter Company, Fishing Guide, Charter Boat Captain

After a few minutes, you will usually see a crash on surface off in the distance. As the predator picks up the next closest school of bait, the circle tightens. Soon the ocean is alive with pelagic Tuna, Bonito, King Mackerel, Barracuda, Wahoo, and often Sailfish as well as a host of other predators. Each of them competing with the other for the few morsels that are being offered from the floating platform above. Your deep sea fishing guide will help you to place the fly (or anything else for that matter) into the water. A jolting strike is sure to follow. Even the most novice of bluewater fly fishing and light tackle anglers are sure to get their fill of action and all will come home with sore and aching muscles. This action begins to build from early December and eventually reaches a peak through January, February, March and begins to decline in April. However, do not despair, for this is the peak season for Sailfish charters Key West. During this time of year, sailfish are often caught in double digit figures on our light tackle boats. Another of our popular deep sea fishing trips is daytime Swordfishing charters. These types of Key West deep sea fishing charters are witnessed by only a small number of fishermen each year due to the limited number of light tackle, offshore deep sea fishing boats available. Put this on your calendar for the next season. This is sure to be one of the most exciting deep sea fishing adventures you will have.

When one thinks of charter shark fishing, it usually conjures up thoughts of sitting in the back of a boat, hands clenched on a rod the size of a flag pole and grinding on a reel the size of a mop bucket. Now clear your mind for a moment and visualize shark fishing Florida Keys style on a boat floating softly in about 3' of azure water. From the bow hangs a fresh filet of barracuda. The fresh oils from the bait form a narrow scent corridor drifting away from the bow as the wind gently pushes the boat across the tepid flats.

Off in the distance, in that scent corridor, silently a faint grey shadow begins to form. All of a sudden there is a nuclear submarine plowing a bow wake, heading straight for the boat, only 50 yards away. Before you can say, "hammerhead shark", a beast of epic proportions is at the bow of the boat and is shredding the barracuda chum off the rope. The boat shudders as the tension between the rope and the barracuda is released and you are white knuckle gripping your seat. Three feet of dorsal fin rises above the water close enough to touch, the tip of which extends well above the gunwale of the boat. Shark fishing fever has struck. You stand there in awe, not realizing that the orange fly has fallen from your hand, into the water. With a swirl of the shark's tail, white water and salt spray leave you soaking wet. A hole in the water, large enough to engulf your lawnmower, forms where the shark was only a moment ago. The thing has eaten your fly and is now moving away. As it disappears, its abrasive skin sands through your tippet and your line goes slack. You stand there in stupor and wonder, "What just happened?” Sounds like fantasy? Not quite! Ask some of the fishermen that frequent the waters of Key West about the best shark fishing they've ever had.

Sharks Fishing, Fishing for Sharks, Deep Sea, Extreme Shark Fishing, Fly Fishing for Sharks

Fly fishing for sharks in Key West FL, Jim Eckhart of Miami landed a 976# Hammerhead that now resides in the "Miami Beach Rod and Reel Club". Replica mounts hang in "Sea World" in Orlando, the “Key West Aquarium”, and the "Miami Seaquarium". Bull shark fishing has produced the six largest fish ever taken on fly tackle, all Bull sharks, over 360#, the largest of which was 386#, were taken in these waters of the Keys sharks fishing. Other exciting charters are Tiger shark fishing, Blacktip shark fishing , and Mako shark fishing. Although our boats have had hundreds of shark attacks while big shark fishing, we are professional shark fishing guides and have never lost an angler. Most people that are new to this extreme shark fishing report feeling more like survivors than participants. Our shark fishing boat are now equipped with large holding tanks capable of bringing in sharks over 300# for fishing tournaments, world records, etc. They are then weighed and released alive. If you really want excitement, bring your video camera and come on Delph Shark Fishing charters, Keys FL style.

Live bait fishing is far and away the most productive and widely used method of fishing. Its use encompasses Kite fishing and Blue Water fishing for virtually all of the pelagic species. It is also used on the Reef for the intermediate species as well as for the bottom dwellers. Last but not least, it is used in the Gulf for deep sea fishing and on the Key West fishing wrecks for almost every species that we target. Charter fishing, the bait is the most important issue that we must face on a daily basis.

For brevity, we shall only address the use of five key types of live bait used on fishing charters at this time. The first of which might be the most favored of the charters Key West FL; the goggle eye, most desired by those sport fishing for Sailfish. The goggle eye is often bridled and suspended from a kite as well as drifted behind the boat on a flat line. You may employ the same techniques while slow trolling and big game fishing. Practically all saltwater offshore fishing species will respond favorably to this method of presentation. Second, the blue runner, though not quite as desirable as the goggle eye, is far more durable, and will stay lively for a longer period of time, under more trying circumstances.

Saltwater Reef, Offshore, Big Game, Kite, Deep Sea, Blue Water Fishing

Third, the most favorite bait used charter fishing Key West is the threadfin herring. When hooked behind the head, it will swim up and down in the water column and would appear to search for the predator; however, it must periodically be replaced with fresh bait. It is not hearty bait and will succumb to abuse from overcrowding, rough seas, or mishandling. This bait is used for Key West deep sea fishing charters, wreck fishing charters, reefs, and gulf fishing. If there had to be only one live bait used fishing the Keys FL, this would be it.

Fourth, pilchards are one of the most choice baits Keys fishing. They are readily available during the winter months and they suffice for both chum and bait. A large number of pilchards are collected with a cast net and taken saltwater reef fishing where 6 or 8 at a time are thrown into the water. As they head off in different directions, a circle of chum develops, with the boat at its center. When schools of predators begin working the area, they are drawn to the central area where the bait is the most concentrated. A hooked pilchard is used for bait and the strike is nearly instantaneous. Pilchards also make excellent bait for bottom fishing charters.

Fifth, Pinfish, though not as desirable as most of the aforementioned, make a fairly good grouper fishing bait. They are readily available even when most other baits are impossible to find, and they are very hearty bait. They can be kept for weeks with only an occasional feeding. As the pinfish spawns in large schools in the open blue water, it is no stranger to the pelagic species of offshore fishing Key West, and it is quickly consumed bottom fishing grouper and bottom fishing snapper. For light tackle charter boats Key West Florida, the bait of choice is "Live Bait".

The Dry Tortugas are a small group of islands that lie 65 nautical miles due West from Key West FL. Because of their isolation, the water still shows its aquamarine tones even at the sheltered anchorage on the south side of the famous Fort Jefferson. Dry Tortugas National Park is the most remote and least visited of our national parks; it is accessible only by boat or seaplane. The Fort reeks with history and is a must see while charter fishing the Florida Keys and Key West.

Due to the remoteness of the saltwater reef fishing in this sanctuary, only the surface of the light tackle sport fishing has been touched at this time. You will wear your arm out bottom fishing Grouper and bottom fishing Snapper. We have made day trips to the Tortugas, however this does not leave a lot of time for ocean fishing. Leaving the dock on a Key West fishing charter, it is a 1.5 to 2 hour trip each way on a nice day. This leaves around 4-6 hours for saltwater fishing. However, with the Delph fishing guides, that usually translates to 4-6 hours of catching. For a little more bang for your buck and a lot more adventure on your Key West deep sea fishing charters, you might consider an overnight fishing trip to Dry Tortuga.

Dry Tortugas Fishing Charters, Day Trips, Overnight Trips, Mothership

Though this Florida fishing vacation must be planned a year in advance, the use of a "Mothership" for overnight fishing trips is the preferred method of Dry Tortugas fishing charters. We fish our way down to the Fort, where we are met that evening by the mother ship and have all of the amenities of home. Warm meals, clean beds, air conditioning, showers etc., all for only a little more than the price of a good motel and meals on land in Key West. A full day of fishing Dry Tortugas still leaves time for some afternoon snorkeling in the pristine waters around the island, and afterwards: a tour of Fort Jefferson before watching the southernmost sunset blazing over Loggerhead Key. The evenings are spent reminiscing over the past Dry Tortugas fishing trip and playing with the fish that are attracted to the lights around the boat. We will make our way back, fishing the keys all the way home the next day.

The Florida Keys are the birthplace of flats fishing and are renowned for some of the best backcountry fishing in the world. Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Mutton Snapper, Barracuda fishing and Sharks of mammoth proportions prowl the emerald green waters of Key West. Home to the fabled Marquesas fishing, the Marquesas Keys are the only true atoll in the entire Western Hemisphere. People come from all over to experience South Florida flats fishing.

Saltwater flats fishing is legendary here. Key West FL was the home of more than 200 Spanish solders for two years while they salvaged the wreck of the Margarita and searched for the sunken and lost Atocha treasure ship. Today we are still fishing the shallow water for silver. Silver tails and silver sides, with telling shadows that belie the location of the silver king, Megalops Atlanticus, the mighty "Tarpon".

If you have never seen the form of a school of 100# Tarpon silently gliding over a white sandy shoal backwater fishing, then you are missing one of the most memorable sites that God ever created. The first time that this happens while you are flats fishing Florida Keys, I recommend you hold off on that first cast and savor the vivid colors, the smell of the salt water and life. The moment will last forever. Another school will come by soon and you can make that first weak-kneed cast. While you are there, keep a keen eye out for the faintest of shadows. Usually you will not see the details of the body of the Permit, until after the fish spooks.

Shallow Water, Backcountry, Backwater, Flats Fishing Guides and More

The Keys FL offers the best all around flats fishing in the world, as the record books will attest to. Though Bonefish on the average are larger and more numerous in the upper keys, to a fly fishing guide, they are still plentiful in the back country of Key West.

With the abundance of these fish in the lower keys, the best chance for a grand slam (a Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon in the same day) is right here in Key West with a Delph flats fishing guide. The Mutton Snapper might well be the least known of the flats dwellers. If you think the Permit is hard to see and spooks easily, then try your skills against the Mutton. If you are lucky enough to get one on your flats fishing charter, then you may be on your way to the "Super Grand Slam". We will save the sharks for the "Shark Fishing" page.

600 ft. and more in depth underneath the surface, far below the last glinting rays of sunlight, lies an alien world; seldom if ever seen by human eyes. Jagged cliffs and crevaces in the Earth's crust shape the ocean floor leaving an environment suitable for species such as Snowy Grouper, Golden Tilefish, Warsaw Grouper, Rose Fish, Rudderfish and other creatures of the deep still undiscovered. This is a place concealed in darkness, the only light coming from the bio luminescence of creatures adapted to this extreme environment.

We use deep drop lights and glowsticks designed to imitate and attract these fish for a type of fishing commonly referred to as deep dropping in these depths. There are several styles for deep drop fishing, the first and most widely practiced in Key West FL is using a rig with multiple circle hooks and a 5-10 lb. weight at the bottom. Each hook is baited with squid, which is a common fish of prey of the deep. Large electric reels, like the Daiwa MP3000, are used out of a rod holder, taking the work out of the fight. This is a very fun and enjoyable way of deep sea fishing for families and friends who want to relax and socialize while catching large quantities of some of the best eating fish in the world.

New technologies have been developed allowing a new twist in this old fishery. Small, light weight, electrically driven reels with variable speeds can be held in one hand. The reels hold enough of the new synthetic, small diameter line; which has been a breakthrough and has revolutionized the deep water Florida fishery. One may now drop down to 1000 or even 2000 feet of water, feel the bite and fight the fish either manually or electrically, while holding the rod in your hands and not in the rod holder. It has put the word 'sport' into this fishery. The new synthetic lines are of such a small diameter that they cut down on the scope that was a real problem in the past. It is possible to effectively deep jig ocean fishing in more than 700 feet of water with a 9 ounce bucktail jig and worm, freestyle jig, or butterfly jig. Recently, on a Key fishing charter, one of our anglers caught a Golden Tilefish while fishing Key West, using a bait casting rod and reel and a jig (no bait). This may well be the first Golden Tilefish ever caught while deep jigging.

Deep Dropping, Deep Sea, Bottom Fishing, Ocean, Tilefish, Grouper, Snapper, Swordfishing

This style of fishing offers a unique break from the standard forms of the sport and has the added benefit that most every type of fish that you will catch Key West Fishing is excellent eating, not to mention that it is very effective during the doldrums of the hot summer months when other species have moved on to cooler climes. Another interesting aspect to this type of fishing is that you never know when you will catch a fish that you or any of your friends have never seen before. It should be mentioned that because of the proximity of this fishery, it may be combined with a Daytime Swordfishing charter during the same trip.

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